Slide Hi, I'm Chris with Docs RV Repair and Restoration

A RVIA Certified Master Technician with 40 years of RV service, repair and restoration experience...

We are offering Repair and Maintenance Services as well as custom Re-Builds, Restoration and Modernization from brand new to Vintage RV’s.

It is our Mission to “Keep your Wheels Turning.”


What we are good at

Every situation, every customer and every RV is unique. We always strive to give you the highest level of expertise, customer service and quality of work. Whether we’ll work on a repair, a restoration or a complete rebuild, we’ ll explain in detail the work we will being doing for you, giving you that one-on-one attention to detail  you deserve.

Exterior RV Services

Awning Repair/Replacement
Blow-out Damage
Light Collision Repair
Fiberglass Repair
Slide-out Repair
Generator Service
Leveling Jack Repair/Replacement
Body work
Dry rot repair

RV Roof Services

Roof Re-seal
Roof Re-coat
Roof Replacement
Hail Damage Claims

RV Interior Services


Plumbing & Appliances

Air Conditioner
Hot Water Heater
Grey/Fresh & Black Water Tanks

Heater / Furnace

Heater/furnace repair / maintenance
LP gas repair / maintenance
Generator repair / maintenance
Gas Stove repair / maintenance


Body restoration
Interior remodeling
Appliance upgrade
Parts replacement
Awnings and other amenities
Water Damage Repairs


Who we are & what we do

Chris Willems is an RV industry veteran with more than 40 years of hands-on RV repair and restoration experience.

Over the last four decades Chris (“The RV Doc”) Willems has worked for major RV dealerships in Florida and North Carolina and was the owner of his own RV dealership and repair facility in Florida in the 90’s.

Chris is an RVIA Certified Master Technician and can perform service, maintenance, repairs and emergency repairs on all types of RV’s from Class A’s to Pop-up’s.

Doc’s RV Repair can perform warranty work under extended warranties and repairs covered under factory warranties (upon prior authorization).

Do you have an old RV in need of major repairs, bring it to us for complete restoration from top to bottom. We can rebuild and restore it to its original glory or completely remodel it with modern luxuries and amenities.

If you are tired of long wait times at traditional dealerships and shoddy service at the “C” Worlds, consider the personal services of a seasoned pro.

It’s easy, all you have to do is call: 828.394.7027


Things We've been working on...

These are some examples of things brought to us by customers, we have tackled, repaired, refurbished, rebuild or restored.


That’s how We work

We believe, it is not what you do … but how well you do it. We live by this mantra and take great pride in our work. No matter the circumstances, how simple, challenging, dirty, or complex the project, we strive to deliver the highest quality work.

Defining the problem

Usually my customers will bring their unit to my repair bay, so we can assess the damage, problem and/or repair/restoration requirements.

Conduct the research

After assessing the repair requirements, I will do the necessary research to be able to quote you a price.

Repair and/or Restoration

After mutually agreeing on scope of repairs and price I will start the repair/restoration project.

Pickup and walk-through

After all repairs and/or restoration steps have been completed, you will pick-up the unit and we do a walk-through so I can give you and overview and explanation of all the things that have been done (repaired/replaced/exchanged/fixed/improved etc.)


How can We help?

Chris (DOC) Willems

RVIA Certified
Master Technician
Whether you want to pursue the road less traveled, a cross country trip on every Interstate or a leisurely visit to the most amazing, scenic wonders our country has to offer, I will make sure your trusted “home on wheels” will be in perfect shape.
Master RV Technician
Master RV Technician

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